Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Service Auction

June 21st at 7pm  New improved date!

June 28th at 7pm!

We are having our first service auction!

Here is the scoop!

This is a money free auction, you will be receiving points to bid with that night.
Everyone brings an item or service to auction off.

Here are a few ideas-
• Free babysitting while sister goes out or goes to the Temple
• Free haircut
• Free lessons in knitting or crochet
• Loaves of bread
• Fresh jam that were auctioned someone offered to teach you how to
• Flower arranging
• Free dinner to a family
• Baby blankets
• Cookies
• Computer lessons
• Quilting lessons
• Dance lessons
• Yard care services

You can request childcare and/or let me know what you are auctioning off here under comments.

It will be a great night of fun!

1 comment:

  1. Looky, looky who's got a cookie??!! I will make a batch of my super delicious frosted sugar cookies. I can make them for any holiday, birthday or whatever. I have cookie cutters in animal shapes and the entire alphabet.A giant platter of cookies can be yours.....